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When will schools be back?

With lockdown supposedly easing, and some returning to work, parents need to know when schools will reopen.

Prime Minister Johnson has suggested that schools may begin to reopen from June 1st. However, this does not mean your child will be allowed to return. This will be a phased return, with reception and years 1 and 6 to be the first wave of returning students.

This is highly conditional however; the government have said they are tracking the infection rate and doing tests to see if this will go ahead.

This is also not necessarily a return to learning. While the Prime Minister has expressed hopes that secondary pupils can get some learning in before the summer holidays, the discourse surrounding primary schools has been childcare focussed.

Without appropriate childcare parents cannot return to work and, though some childminders have been allowed to reopen, it will still be a while yet before things return to normal.

It is likely some children will not be back to school before the summer holidays. Some age groups could not practise appropriate distancing due to their age. The school routine is also likely to change, with more emphasis on regularly washing hands and less peer to peer work.




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