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Support Bubbles

The government has announced a new scheme in this next step to easing lockdown. Support bubbles will allow people who live alone or single parents with children under 18 to go and visit other households properly.

The intension is that those two households can then act as if they are one household, eliminating the need for social distancing between the two.

This means you will be able to properly visit a parent again, or a partner that doesn’t live with you, or a single or a single parent friend.

These options are great, they will let you get some childcare, see a family member properly and have a cup of tea or Sunday dinner with someone else for a change.

You might, however, be struggling to choose between your partner, your parent, or your friend. With Father’s Day coming up you might be feeling the pressure to go see dad.

There is no shame in picking one option over the other, remember you can still see whomever you like in a garden 2 metres apart.

It is important that you do what is right for you and your household. Consider childcare and mental and physical wellbeing of all those involved. Pick what seems right to you.

You cannot change your bubble once it is formed so make sure you are certain, and you can always go see the others outdoors for a catchup.