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How will your school open in September?

In just a few weeks children will all be back to school, but why are schools opening is Covid-19 hasn’t gone away?

Well, scientists think it is safe to open schools for a number of reasons.

Covid-19 doesn’t seem to make children sick, or at least not many children. Only 0.8% of Covid-19 patients in hospital were under 19. This means that most children will be completely fine.

Children are also half as likely to even catch the virus in the first place compared to adults. This means its unlikely most children will contract it.

If children are less likely to get the virus, they are also less likely to pass it on. This means that scientists don’t think parents will get the coronavirus from their children being at schools.


Schools have also put in new measures to make sure you are as safe as possible. Extra cleaning, staggered lunch breaks, and distanced tables mean that contact will be reduced.

This means that it might only be your class out in the playground, or fewer than normal. You might have your lunch at a slightly different time. You might not be able to play with pupils in other age groups.

Going to school will be a lot different this year but schools are listening to scientists to make sure that you are safe.


Newsround have this helpful video for any questions you might have about starting a new school.

Do you have any questions or thoughts about schools reopening? Ask your parents to let us know on our social media channels and we will do our best to answer them. We also have an Ask the Teacher section.