Northern insight February 2020

John Porrett was recently interviewed for February’s issue of Northern Insight.  Here is an excerpt from that interview.

“The earlier we can encourage children to start reading, the greater chance they have of doing well at school,” said John. “Reading is a habit. Okay, technology certainly has its place in the learning process, but a child sitting with a parent or grandparent reading an interesting and stimulating comic, can make education hugely engaging. It’s a case of getting the right balance between technology and magazines so, here at Unique Magazines, we’ve devised a way for children to receive a monthly package which contains two magazines and an activity journal that are relevant to their age range (7-11). The journal encourages them to search for material and make some notes. The magazines are sufficiently informative that they can be kept and used for future reference.”

Check out the full interview in Northern Insight