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Lock down Extended

The government announced yesterday that there will be 3 more weeks of lockdown. It is important that we wait to slow the infection, give the NHS and patients the best chance.

So what can we do for 3 more weeks?

We’ve already 3 weeks of lockdown, so we can do it again. Over the ‘Easter Holidays’ (they happened even if it didn’t feel like it) your routine might have gone out of the window, and that’s okay. Try setting up a new routine as of Monday, and make sure everyone knows what to expect.


Schools will likely be sending out more work soon, so that will occupy some of the children’s time. However, if this doesn’t come (or doesn’t come soon enough) there are lots of activities that can be downloaded online. We have lots of crafty activities in the kids zone that we recommend and a book report template. Now is the perfect time to get kids reading again. You could even do a family book club once a week where you tell everyone what you read and how much you liked it.

Naturally, we recommend The Comic Club, and if you haven’t been subscribed since the start you can get back issues on our store.

Take advantage of your daily exercise.

This is really important, go for a run or a walk. Do this as a family or take it in turns as to who takes the kids. This is a great way to get some much-needed alone time every couple of days.


The supermarkets are starting to return to normal, so we can start to get more ingredients. Try a greater variety of foods, this is a fun challenge to cook different things and you may find new favourite foods.

Self Care

It can be stressful looking after a family so make time for yourself. Some people love meditation, some people don’t get it. Nap, watch TV, play a game on your phone, whatever it is you need to get by. Make sure you pay this forward if you co-parent.

Stay Busy…or don’t

If staying busy keeps your mind at rest then go for it, do as much as you can. If it doesn’t, and you’re getting tired of all this, that’s fine too. This isn’t a normal situation and its okay to feel like you need a pyjama day (or 3). The important thing is that you and your family are safe and as happy as possible.


Stay safe, stay indoors.