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Lego and online safety

Lego has created a series of challenges to help children and parents learn and talk about online safety and being responsible online.

The ‘Small Builds for Big conversations’ campaign gets you building characters that represent ways of acting online, good and bad.

A study by Kaspersky revealed that children only spend an average of 48 minutes talking about safety online with parents. Lego is trying to make this better.

Each figure takes only 10 minutes to build with pieces you probably already have. Each figure comes with some ideas for things to discuss. This makes sure that parents and children are on the same page about using the internet responsibly.

The characters include the Giggler who loves online video and the Multiplayer who loves gaming. There are also monsters such as the Meanie who represents online bullying.

Each positive character has negative characters that go with it, as even if you are a responsible online citizen, those you come into contact with might not be.