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How much help is too much?

With children all around the world learning at home, parents have had to become teachers, helping children with their homework every day. But how much help is too much?

Lots of children are difficult to motivate when it comes to homework, very few are willing to sit down and work all day unassisted. So, parents usually have to sit down and help, to motivate, push forward, and help their child with their work.

However, this can easily go wrong, one bad day can turn into mum and dad doing most of the work telling a child each step and the end answer. So, what can go wrong and how do we fix it?

Each child knows different things, has different work and needs different kinds of motivations to move forward. You need to find out what works for your child but here are some ideas.

Ask questions

This is a very good way to help a child. You can break down questions or tasks into smaller questions. For example in maths a complicated question might involve several steps so questions like ‘what do you need to do first?’ or ‘what is half of 8?’ can help a child break down and visualise a question. In something written such as English questions like ‘how would you describe that?’ and ‘can you add any more detail?’ can really help.

Take Breaks

This is very important. Allow your child to get up for a drink and stretch their legs every 40 minutes or so. This breaks up the day and can help battle frustration. If a child is stuck on a piece of work for a while and doesn’t feel like they are making progress they can become irritable and defeatist. It is important to combat this so your child feels like they are making progress.

Big Kids matter too

Even if your child is in year 6, 7 and above they still need structure. You will naturally find that younger children need more attention, but inviting older kids to work at the table with you means you can keep an eye on them and help. Older children might be more tempted to hide the fact they are struggling with motivation or on a particular question, but having them close to you means you can see that they are working and can reach out if they need you.

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