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Getting bored of screens?

During lockdown, we are using technology more than usual. To stay connected, to work, for homework, and for binge-watching another series.

However, somewhere in between all of Downton Abbey and your 80th viewing of Toy Story you might start to get a little bored of it.

Lockdown doesn’t really lend itself to a total digital detox, but here are some things you can do to unwind without the use of screens.

Write a letter

Letter writing is a forgotten art, so get out your stationery set and write a letter. It could be to anyone, a family member, and old friend, a colleague, whoever you can think of that would enjoy a letter. You can do this as a family, I’m sure grandma and grandad would love a short message or a hand-drawn picture from their grandchild.

This could spark a wonderful correspondence if you both want, just make sure you have enough stamps. Don’t worry if it is taking a while, the postal services are working hard to make sure everyone gets their letters.

Board Games

I know, this one doesn’t always end well when the child who really wants to win doesn’t, but it is a good teaching moment and a fun way to spend half an hour. Play all of the board games you have, you could even run a tournament (3 points for a win, 1 for the runner up). Then you could maybe order some more interesting, smaller games, there are plenty of 2 player games you can play when the children go to bed too. There are also lots of different games you can play with only a deck of cards.


You don’t have to have lots of equipment, nice paints, an easel, and a view to paint. You can make do with poster paints and card. Why not copy a famous painting to start with, it doesn’t matter if its not very good, maybe just see how good you can get it in half an hour. This is one that can be enjoyed alone or as a family, you could all do the same picture your own way.


This may seem dull at first, but jigsaws have been a favoured past time for years. Order a big one with lots of pieces and get to work. This one requires space, time, and patience so make sure you have somewhere to store it (a roll-up matt and tube works great). Do it bit by bit, as a team or on your own with music or a podcast on. It really is satisfying to finish.

Learn a party trick

These types of skill may not have any real use, but they’re fun to do. Learn to juggle, card tricks, do a handstand (if you have a soft matt to land on), or something else. These are great fun to learn and show off. Of course, you could learn something useful and practical like sign language or cooking, but that can get boring too.