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5 DIY Projects to do at home

We are all locked down but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do. Now is a great time to do some small home improvements, hardware stores are essential services and still have click and collect and delivery services.

Here are 5 Ideas.


We always need new shelves, and these are very easy DIY projects to start with. Stick some up in the kids’ room for their books or toys, your lounge for family photos, your kitchen for spices, or anywhere else. We like this super simple guide to shelves.

Cupboard tidy

Over time you put more and more stuff in your cupboards ‘because that’s where that stuff goes’. Great until stuff starts falling and you can’t get to the scales.

Organising your cupboard can be made a lot easier if everything has a designated space. You don’t necessarily need to make something for this, you could draw outlines in a nonslip matt cut to fit your kitchen cupboards. Big cupboards and wardrobes might need something a bit more structured. Here are some great ideas from Good Housekeeping.

Windowsill herb planter

Self-sufficiency has never been more important, and getting ingredients is a bit tricky at the moment. Have a herb garden on your kitchen windowsill is super easy and a great project that ensures you always have what you need. We like this little planter, and you can put anything you want in it!

Meter cupboard

Electric and gas meters aren’t always hidden away, and they can look out of place in your stairwell, they’re not exactly glamourous. Making a simple cupboard to hide it makes it a lot more discreet and you can paint it to fit in. There are lots of guides online for cupboards, but you need to choose a style that fits you. Remember to find a hung one for meters on the wall.

Under-bed storage

This is a big one, especially for kids’ rooms. Toyboxes fill up fast and the wardrobe is for clothes (and toys on top!). Having a simple frame on wheels that toys, shoes, clothes, and books can go in can make a real difference. Here is a great page for figuring out how to do this.

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